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Go to this coffee bar in Ghent for the best Colombian coffee

If you live nearby Ghent, then you will definitely have heard of WAY. This coffee bar in the center of Ghent is renowned for their wide variety of exotic drinks. They have also expanded their business and now sell their own coffee online. This way, you also get to enjoy these roasted beans at home. Maybe you will even find a whole new flavour in their wide range.

Las Perlitas coffee for your filter

One of the many types of coffee that this bar in Ghent sells online, is their Columbian coffee for filter. Columbia is a country know for its many coffees. At WAY they sell multiple flavours from different parts of the country. Las Perlitas is one of them and it might even be the best coffee for every filter. The special coffee has the flavour of green apple, grapefruit, lemon zest, chocolate and red grape. You are assured of an original sensation every time you drink this amazing coffee. It is a drink that will keep you on your toe, because not a single sip tastes the same. The beans are harvested at an altitude of 1600 to 2100 meters, which adds to the original taste. They are also manually harvested between the months of October and January. When ordering them, you get to choose between different types of grinds, including:

  • Whole beans
  • French Press/coarse
  • Drip/Medium

Which you order online, is all up to you. If you want to taste it first to make sure it is something to your preference, you can always stop by their coffee bar in Ghent.

Ask all of your questions to these experts

The experts of WAY will gladly provide you with more information about the process that these beans have gone through to end up in your cup. All you have to do, is send them an email or contact them by calling. Before you know it, you have different Columbian coffees on the way to your house to enjoy.